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Architects of Packaging has been providing comprehensive packaging solutions to the industrial and commercial business sector for nearly 40 years.  Hundreds of companies, from large international corporations to small start up operations, have come to know that when it's time to package their products, Architects of Packaging is by far the best choice.

    "In all my experience I have never had
a better resource at my disposal
than Architects of Packaging"

Once a Customer / Always a Customer.
We are committed to establishing a long term relationship with our customers such that they can count on us to give them the best in design, quality and service, bar none.  We value this relationship above all else and will commit our vast resources to giving you the packaging and support you deserve.   

"Over the years, Architects of Packaging
has always answered our needs for
packaging with excitement and enthusiasm."

Innovation meets Functionality and Economy.
Architects of Packaging is known for its innovative designs.  We enjoy the creativity in designing our customer's packaging.  Yet in today's market place, we know that your packaging must also function within your specific processes as well as fit your price points.  So we are keen on combining the creative innovation you expect with the function and economy you need in your packaging.


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